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 How to support
this essential service:

Annual grant to operating funds.

Deposit to Endowment Funds

Donation for ambulances and other Equipment

Offer specialized training/ support

Why support BERT?

Inability of Belizeans to pay for emergency service

  • From a social medicine background, a large percentage of the Belizean population is not
    able/willing to pay for service.

Quality service for all

  • BERT is able to serve the private and public population equally.
  • The Board of Directors will not assume the responsibility of partial service. BERT is either Full Service or No Service!

Increasing Expenses

  • Demand and cost continue to increase!
  • Since 2006 BERT has been surviving without the Wagner’s Foundation’s yearly grant, limited resources are depleted.
  • BERT has increased earnings but realizes that we will continue to experience a shortfall of funds as cost continues to exceed income.
  • Large investments have been made; it would be a shame to close BERT down.

Benefits the community

  • This service is a benefit to our community!
  • The life you save may be yours!!!

SUPPORT BERT - The life you save may be yours - learn how...
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